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In the 1970s, in the country side not far from Noto, the remains of a Roman Villa were discovered after being hidden by an old farmhouse that had been built over it.

Archaeological excavations in the following years unearthed extremely refined and marvelous Roman mosaics dating back to the 4th century A.D. To date, only four rooms of the Roman Villa have been uncovered and returned to their original beauty after 30 years of meticulous restoration. The Villa opened to the public in 2008.

The mosaics depict frenetic scenes of hunters chasing African wildlife, geometrical designs and bacchic scenes. Although on a much smaller scale, the artistic quality of the mosaics rivals that of the more famous ones in the Roman Villa at Piazza Armerina, and thus greatly enrich the area’s cultural heritage.

In recent years, the countryside surrounding the Villa Romana del Tellaro has become the place to go for many foreigners that have decided to buy land on which to build their own villa. The beauty of the place and the proximity to both the city of Noto and the beautiful beaches of the Vendicari Natural Reserve makes this place one of the best spots where to buy and build.


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