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Below you will find a list of beaches and restaurants in and near the Vendicari Reserve.  


  • Pizzuta: first beach of the reserve, located between Lido di Noto and the archaeological park of the Greek city of Eloro. The path leading to the beach is about 400 meters (0.2 miles) long.


  • Marianelli: a pro-naturist beach surrounded by two cliffs. At the beginning of the path leading to the beach, which is about 850 meters (0.5 miles) long, there is a paid parking lot.


  • Calamosche: narrow and deep, it is among the most beautiful beaches in the reserve. It is recommended to go there early in the morning in order to secure the best spots. Trail length to walk: 1.2 km or 0.8 miles.


  • Vendicari: Emblem beach of the Reserve. The ruins of the old tuna fishery (the “Tonnara”) and the Swabian Tower serve as a frame to a crystal-clear and uncontaminated sea. Along the path leading to the beach, it is possible to admire migratory birds that stop in the adjacent marshes.


  • Maccari’s Citadel: Last beach in the reserve and the easiest to reach, with paid parking just a few steps away from the Beach.



Near the Nature Reserve, there are several restaurants, including:

Marianeddi: A farmhouse located near the Marianelli Beach. Its cuisine is based on local and seasonal ingredients.


Agritourism Calamosche: Just a few steps away from the main entrance to the Calamosche Beach we find a rustic cuisine focused mainly on seafood dishes.


Il Biglietto di Vendicari: Romantic and cozy location. You can dine in the shade of centuries-old olive trees or have an aperitif lying on a blanket on the grass. Simple and traditional cuisine.


Il Datterino: Contemporary restaurant located in the boutique hotel Scilla Maris, just a few minutes’ drive from Vendicari and San Lorenzo.


Beach resorts and equipped beaches

Due to environmental constraints, it is not possible to build bathing establishments on the beaches of the Reserve. The closest ones are in San Lorenzo:


Lido San Lorenzo

Lido San Lorenzo Plus

Aqua Beach


Distances from the main urban centers

Noto: 12.5 Km (8 miles)

Marzamemi: 10 Km (6 miles)

Siracusa: 43 Km (27 miles)

Modica: 45 Km (28 miles)

Catania Airport: 94 Km (58 miles



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Ragusa, Modica, Scicli



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