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The best solution for those who want to live in this area is to buy in the countryside around Vendicari.

Since Vendicari is a natural reserve, there are not many properties present, neither inside the reserve nor in the area surrounding it. The few properties present are subject to very tight restrictions, which is why those who want to live near the reserve often choose instead to live in the beautiful countryside of the adjacent districts of Bimmisca and Vaddeddi, which are not only well connected, allowing one to quickly reach the most beautiful beaches in the area, the city of Noto and the highway, but are among the few areas within the territory of Noto without landscaping restrictions.

The districts of Bimmisca and Vaddeddi are characterized by smooth green hills, landscapes reminiscent of the Tuscan ones of Chianti. Unlike the areas a little further south, there is no significant presence of greenhouses in these districts. Despite their distance from the main cities, these are very quiet and safe areas with a very low crime rate, unlike areas with a greater presence of greenhouses, which are usually more exposed to burglaries.

It is not easy to find a noteworthy sea view here, yet the landscape setting is clean and very quiet, brushed with golden hues during the summer period and bright green and blue colors during the rest of the year. All of which wouldn’t be possible without the abundant nature and the gentle climate that characterizes this area.


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