Ancient villa Marina di Ragusa




      A noble villa with ancient farm buildings and a botanical garden a few kilometres from the beautiful sea of Marina di Ragusa.
      The property consists of three main areas

      1) Manor villa of 466 sqm (5015 sq.ft.) with independent access and private garden of approximately 2000 sqm (21500 sq.ft.).
      The villa, dating back to the end of the 19th century, has maintained intact the charm of the period, thanks to the presence of numerous valuable elements such as the original floors and majestic vaults.
      The property has undergone various restorations in recent decades and is in good condition and habitable immediately, being equipped with water, electricity, sewage, independent heating and production of domestic hot water with integrated solar thermal system.
      To embellish the property there is a beautiful private garden in which one can admire a variety of indigenous and exotic species, result of 50 years of work and the great passion of the owners.

      2) Rural area with 1116 sqm of buildings and courtyard of about 3000 sqm (32300 sq.ft.).
      The buildings are in need of major restoration work and are perfect for the creation of a charming accommodation facility; in detail the buildings consist of:
      – Building of 142 sqm in fair condition, used as the caretaker’s dwelling.
      – Old stone stables and barns for a total of 643 sqm (6920 sq.ft.).
      – Cellar of 175 sqm characterised by large stone arches.
      – Farmhouse, also entirely in stone, of approx. 100 sqm (1070 sq.ft.).
      – Building of 56 sqm (600 sq.ft.) used as “casa del forno” (oven house).

      Inside the courtyard there is an artificial pond and numerous trees and ornamental plants.

      3) Agricultural land of about 25,000 sqm (6 acres), with independent entrance.

      The property, given its composition and strategic position, is suitable both as an important private residence and to be converted into a prestigious accommodation facility.


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